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Should you only speak to native English speakers to enhance your speaking skills? some students think that you must talk to a native English speaker that his native language is English to be able to be better at language learning.

What prevents you from being a native-like English speaker? Actually, fear is a language barrier. We all know that English is a dominant language and a global language. Non-native English speakers are more than those who are natives. With good language training, you can acquire any language. Language education is everywhere, and you need to grasp the chance to be in our wonderful learning English environment that is in our Speak English chat. What does your chat in English focus on? Our English chat focuses on writing, listening, and speaking in English. So, if you have ever used WhatsApp. It's something similar to it. It's a place where you can start sharing photos related to script English conversations. Do you make a free speaking club on Zoom? Yes, also, our free speaking English on Zoom link is shared through our chat and via email. We all know that you want to speak and practice your English conversation to improve your English skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. You want to speak English confidently. Soon, we will launch our Speak English app on android. Up until now, we haven't earned anything from it but your trust. We believe that money is not everything and people should feel they are welcomed. As long as you have the time to converse, you don't need to be a linguist. Starting to learn something new is essential for your future. In our chat, you can speak out loud. You can find a speaking partner to exchange languages together. Can I record my voice in your speaking chat? Yes, you can record your voice and send it to public chat rooms or private chat rooms. There are no barriers now. what are you waiting for! There are many apps that cost an arm and a leg, as long as you are in our speaking English chat, you will talk fluently. Everybody pays attention to what you are saying. Is it useful to use translation if you are a beginner? Yes, it is useful. If you are a beginner in English, to write fluently, you need to use Google translation or a good English dictionary to stop thinking in your native language and start thinking in English. If you are looking for a great job, you have a phone, why waste time scrolling down Facebook pages while you can do something real for your future job. Practicing a language you love and what is your favorite is a lot of fun. There are many useful expressions you can use in English such as don't give up. Is it efficient to learn English from movies and series? Yes, it is. Learning English from the movies, day by day, you will boost your English words by studying. Study English when you don't feel bored so that you can understand everything. There are many curriculums for English starters we can share together. Do tongue twisters improve your pronunciation of English? Tongue twisters are effective if you want to boost your pronunciation. Learning one word isn't enough. Scientific research has shown that students who practice the four skills of English improve faster than others. How are we going to speak English at this chat? You can choose the topic you like to read and start talking about. You can talk about life and learn new phrases. What are the best pieces of advice to learn English and speak English as a native English speaker? use our website which works to help you speak 24/7 that means twenty hours every day you can converse in English with anyone whose level of English is at the same level as yours or better. They say for a learning experience to succeed, you need to speak to someone who is at a little higher level than yours. It's unnecessary to spend a lot of money to speak with people that speak English as their first language unless if it's not an issue for you. Learning English has become easy nowadays. Don't worry you still have the chance to use our chat that was designed to help you be better at English. Learning the 44 sounds of English is a must. I know it's difficult at the beginning, eventually, it becomes a lot easier to learn and practice a new language. We provide amazing English courses on Udemy to boost your level and give you a lot of tips regarding language learning time and how to best achieve good results in a short time. Check our online English courses on Udemy and get your discount now! The best advice I can tell to anyone who is learning English as a second language-- practice makes perfect. You need to combine the four skills into one. I mean you need to practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing every day. sometimes, you forget words you learn-- don't worry-- it's normal. You need to repeat the words but remember to put them in sentences-- that's the way you can remember them. you can memorize new vocabulary by relating them to pictures. That is where the magic happens! Yes, your mind remembers the word faster when you see a picture, a video, or a movement. singing songs improves your pronunciation like a rocket! so, sing English songs at all times.